Saturday 3 March 2012

Sneaking on the D-Pad: Why Metal Gear Solid benefits from being like Pac-Man

look at those wrinkles. pacsnake has been on the pills

1998. That’s fourteen years ago now - more if you’re a citizen of the future. I remember fondly the time I spent as a youngster; enjoying 90s action films when I was too young to realise they were genuinely crap, watching children’s cartoons when I was too young to realise they were genuinely brilliant and wondering why my penis felt all tingly and nice when I hugged a pillow between my legs and thought of Kate Winslet. They were simpler times, really – videogames being no exception.

Friday 2 March 2012

The Family Grows

As is becoming clear, other members of the Brindle family are now returning to the fold. Jimmy, who appears to be under the delusion that she is welcome here, has already introduced herself sufficiently, and made it quite clear what kind of contribution she intends to make. It is against my better judgement that I allow her to remain, but what can you do? She’s blood.

Lest I give her the oxygen of tribute, let me instead introduce my other brother Bunbury Brindle, lately conveyed from the bohemia of San Francisco to that of Brighton. He will serve as our house artist, as well as writing articles, and it’s my sincere hope that this blog will allow him to make something of himself and renounce his formerly profligate and idle ways. Dear Bunbury – I am sorry for what happened to you. It’s okay. Nobody wants to hurt you here.


Watch out tomorrow and in the following weeks for more from them.