Saturday 15 December 2012

When text games go to war: full interviews

pic: mark muehlhaeusler

Last week, I got an article up in the New Statesman about text games which challenge mainstream representations of war. This week, I've been posting my full interviews with all the people I talked to - and here's a nice single post which links to them all.

The discussion mostly concerns the capabilities of text versus 3D graphics, representations of war, and indie production values, but also includes some specific stuff about the individual games. Enjoy(?)!(!?!)

Links to their respective websites and blogs exist within these pages. Note that Reed's interview is far longer than the others because he foolishly agreed to a Skype chat which ended up lasting two hours and going all over the place.

I was tempted to title this series/post 'Brief Interviews with Hideous People', pace D.F. Wallace, but they're all quite nice, really. My thanks to them - this was fun!


  1. I liked your blog. It was interesting. Have you moved, or just given up?

    1. Thanks! Neither. I had to fly back to America to deal with a family crisis (my favourite thing in the whole wide world!). I'll be back soon.

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